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2 Axial DRO Lathe Package Fits on Industrial Metal Lathe

2 Linear Glass Scales on cross travel and along the bed

Brand New

Ship out from Chicago

Extend up to 5 years limited warranty


Glass Scale vs Magnetic Scale

A simple number will tell you all. 99% linear scale is running on glass now, so magnetic scale must have some fetal disadvantage. Sony was only few companies to make magnetic scales before, Sony killed it 10 years ago. Ford killed focus, Chevy killed Cruze. There must be some reason. Ford and GM claim unpopular and no demand. So I guess Sony has the same reason to kill magnetic scales.

Now Few Company spread rumors on glass scale, how bad the glass scale is, and it's not water proof, doesn't last and so on. It's funny that those companies were selling glass scale for years, now they try to convince customers stay away. Do they really slap themselves on the face? In another words, the glass scale they're selling maybe have some problems, and all those bad words above should apply. Therefore, for all customer who bought their weak glass scales before should go after the seller and ask for compensation because they didn't disclose the truth about products when they sell it. Before they push glass scales sales, now they say glass scale is bad. It’s a joke. By the way, I sell glass scales since day One, never ever changed.

The truth on glass scales is far more accurate than magnetic scale. You may ask both type scale labeled as 5um or 2 tenth, so what's the difference. Keep in mind, 5um or 2 tenth is resolution, not accuracy. Resolution is what you can read from display unit. However, the real accountability or repeatability is called accuracy. Let’s dig into it. Both glass and magnetic scales have error if you don’t calibrate. On glass scale, it’s called linear error, which is very easy to correct, however, the error on magnetic scale is called non-linear error. For example, glass scale linear error is insistent. If error is 2 tenth off on 1” travel, then regardless from 0-1” or 3-4”, 4-5”, it’s always 2 tenth off, then you enter in one fixed compensation ratio to fix that. However, on magnetic scale, error could be any number in different travel range, example, from 0-1” travel, it’s 2 tenth off, then from 2-3” travel, you may see 3 tenth off, then from 3-4” travel, you may see 4 tenth off, then from 4-5” travel, you may see 2 tenth off again. Therefore, on the same 1” travel, the error is non-insistent, so it’s really hard to compensate, as a result, when you’re running certain function on the display unit, you may see difficulties. If you don’t care, you may live with it, but I think most customers prefer reliable, accurate and easy calibration scale to begin with.

2nd, on water and dust poof, If you pour water or spread sands and dusty directly to both glass scale and magnetic scale, none will last, that’s the truth. On the water proof, we should call it splash proof, which means wet splash may goes into scale. So both glass scale and magnetic scale are sealed against wet and dust. Glass scale usually sealed in 2 or 3 layers and magnetic scale has very thin seal.  Also, don’t forget that both scales come with shield cover, what those covers for, it’s for shielding scale away from splash and dust. When you mount scale, usually it’s face down, not up, ask yourself, is water going down or going up. Water is 100% going down, scale cover is face down, scale is face down as well, so the water will flow over shield cover and drop on the floor. People are running glass scale by water jet and edm all the time, if not water proof, how can glass scale handle it.

3rd, whether scale should be cut or not. It’s an interesting question. On the standard knee mill, like bridgport or off brand Bridgeport or clone, there are enough space on the machine to mount scale, so you should get longer taller and stronger scale to mount, who wants to cut. People usually get scales on Bridgeport as long as possible if space allowed. The longer, the saver to cover full travel of the table. So the truth is that dummy will cut. The only machine you may need to cut to install is those small mini or bench type mill, those are toys or hobby. I focus on industrial machine more than home hobby toys. I don’t sell toys. Usually home shop machinist watch runout and accuracy very closely, and they don’t want rough scale neither. On the lathe, cross slide height space is limited, then I have slim scale to overcome, slim scale height is even less than magnetic scale. On 12 or 13” or even smaller lathe, you may need slim scales on the cross slide, but on 14, 16 and 18” lathe, the space is high enough most people go with normal height scale.

Finally, well build glass scale like mine will last years as well which has been approved by thousands of customers. My glass is commercial grade thick glass. Few companies slap face on themselves, now even saying bad words against scales they were selling before. As a result, customer who bought theirs before will suffer and pay the price, it’s bad. I don’t run business that way. I don’t want to post any fake numbers on the life span, like 1 year, couple years, 10 years, 20 years or maybe life time. Last or not, only customers can tell. I don’t write false advertise or misleading customers. My goal is that when you retire and pass the machine to next generation, my scale on the machine is still working.

To be honest, I dislike many people that, in order to push their minority or unpopular products sales or maybe their sales are poor, now they spread rumors on majority and popular items all over places. Sometimes, they contradict to themselves. The truth is that majority of scales on the market are glass scale, 99% or even higher. More and more companies stop making magnetic scales. To be clear, only few companies even making magnetic scale at beginning, and now they all dropped out due to high cost, lack of demand and accuracy.

Americans don’t know how to drive stick shift now; auto tranny is in 94% cars. In order to sell standard transmission car, they may say automatic transmission doesn’t last. In contrast, Auto tranny can go over 200K miles easily. The friend of mine, his Toyota Tacoma pickup truck was wrecked after 400K with original engine and auto tranny, and he convince me to buy Toyota since I never own a Japanese car before.  So let’s be clear, scales last not, depends on how well it’s been built, depends on how well you take care of it, which is the same transmission, how it build and how you take care is the key.

Why tpactools dro lasts longer than majority of import units, which has been proven for years.

Good question, the short answer is that my unit is built for industrial, not a home hobby toys. Commercial and industrial company is running machine all day long, so they need a reliable unit on the machine. However, home machinist runs once in a while. If the unit can handle industrial well, then itâ€â„¢ll handle home shop like piece of cake.

Can you tell more details how your unit is well built?

Here are few details, 1st. the glass inside scale is thicker and stronger, glass is a key to a glass scale, itâ€â„¢s very easy to understand. Look around, see the glass on any office building, then compare with the glass on your home window. Also, make trip to Home Depot, and look at different window with different thickness glass, then youâ€â„¢ll know something. 2nd the bearing sliding on the glass, my bearing is Japanese. If youâ€â„¢re in bearing business, then youâ€â„¢ll know what Iâ€â„¢m talking about. 3rd, data sending unit, people called reader head, which sending data from scale to the display unit via long data cable. That little piece motherboard and all electrical parts in the reader senor head has been tested long enough before production, and all electrical parts are from quality supplier as well. 4th, when I place order, I donâ€â„¢t order common unit, which is the same like others. I usually ask supplier to make the purchase order according my special requirement. I canâ€â„¢t tell you all because some are commercial secrete or intellectual property, which is the key to a business and products.

Is your display unit made of metal or cheap plastic?

All my display unit from 1 to 4 axis are made of metal, so itâ€â„¢s metal case, heavy and durable. If you never see what metal case,  you may think plastic case is pretty good, once you see metal, then plastic looks like a toy and feels like a toy. I donâ€â„¢t sell toys.

Is 0.0001" or one tenth scale necessary?

Usually rookie will ask this question. Here is number break down. For manual Bridgeport and lathe, maximum accuracy you can reach is about 0.0005â€Â. I donâ€â„¢t think you can make parts with 2 tenth tolerance on a 50 years Bridgeport. So you only need scale accuracy to match 5 tenth or a little above to cover Bridgeport. Keep in mind, 2 tenth is less than half of 5 tenth, which means 2 tenth is more than double that Bridgeport accuracy can reach, so itâ€â„¢s accurate far enough. Now you may argue with me, 1 tenth is even more accurate, yes I agree. However, 1 tenth scale is much more difficult to make, unstable, and more important is that 1 tenth scale has much less lift span than 2 or 5 tenth scale. So why do I pay more for the something I donâ€â„¢t need. Lathe is the same, whatever cross slide or carriage travel, accuracy is far away from 2 tenth, so 0.0002â€Â scale will cover perfectly. Keep in mind, 1 tenth scale is not installed on mill or lathe, and itâ€â„¢s installed on some special measuring device or equipment in the lab, plus they donâ€â„¢t run those super precision devices all day long. I havenâ€â„¢t find any supplier can make decent 1 tenth scale reliable, if you see cheap 1 tenth, donâ€â„¢t buy it, youâ€â„¢ll suffer more than enjoy from long run. I carry 2 tenth only, and 99% vendor and supplier are focus on 2 tenth as well.


Since mine is well unit, so I donâ€â„¢t worry about breaking down in short term. Customer trust me, and Iâ€â„¢ll return trust with quality products. Usually, there are two cases why scale is break down. 1st, products are defect, which is less likely happen to me. However, if it happens, Iâ€â„¢ll keep my words, and warrantee for 5 years for entire unit, it includes everything you bought, display unit and all scales, this case will be my fault. 2nd, if itâ€â„¢s customer fault to damage the scale, few examples couple be, scale is a little short, not cover entire travel, then the scale is over run, or scale is not mounted in the center of table, then over run from center to the end, or people who run the machine never take care and clean scale, I called it abuse. If all those happen, letâ€â„¢s be clear, those are not sellerâ€â„¢s fault, Iâ€â„¢ll provide option of free repair if repairable or replace with a little cost. In order to avoid all of those happen, make sure measure table dimension before place order, as long as you tell me correct table length, then Iâ€â„¢ll send you scale that long enough to cover travel on all axis. Also, make sure all scales must be mount in the center of the table, finally, donâ€â„¢t show me any signs of abuse, so please calibrate scale before initial running, cover up and clean scale once in a while, if you take care the scale, then scale will return you with longer life span. Same like oil change on your car, if you abuse engine and tranny, donâ€â„¢t change oil on time, whatâ€â„¢ll happen.

Do you over descript products and let customer write fake reviews?

People are paying attention on item description and reviews when buying online. I know better than anyone else. Those fake reviews and untrue descriptions may drive sales up in short term, however, when customer discover the truth, theyâ€â„¢ll hate products and seller like you never believe, sometimes, could end up with a lawsuit. I call those sellers are liars who cheat on review and descriptions. Keep in mind, liar will be a looser. So as a seller, Iâ€â„¢d better be follow all rules and regulations. There is another case, which happen quite often, and we canâ€â„¢t call it fake review. Customer bought it, receive and open box, played few days and really like it, then write 5 star reviews. However, short term joy doesnâ€â„¢t last long, and item break down short after that. On the dro and glass scale, it happens very often. People bought cheap unit, saved $200 to $300, really like it, write good reviews, then scale break down in couple month or less than a year. I donâ€â„¢t call it fake review. My point is that industrial products is different from consumer items, so customers really have to run it for couple years, then theyâ€â„¢ll know if itâ€â„¢s good or bad, last or not. there are too many victims here, enjoyed cheap unit for couple month, then break down and come back to me finally. So my words to those cheap guys are, buying good and reliable products at the 1st place. Keep in mind, price is not overall of a business especially on industrial products.

How to buy correct unit to fit my lathe?

Look at very top page, there are few size options, like 12x36" lathe or 13x40 lathe. 12x36" lathe means swing or cutting diameter is 12" and distance between center is 36". It doesn't mean 2 scales you receive will be 12x36". Two scale will cover lathe cross slide travel and carrier travel.


Product Description:

 Display Unit:

  • Resolution: 0.0002", repeatability: 0.0002"
  • Resolution switch function
  •   Radius Diameter Mode. Tapper Cutting Function
  • Preset set and zero reset , tool error compensation
  • Absolute / Incremental , Inch / Metric
  • Message Prompts, Memory back-up
  • 80V-240V, Can be used Globally






Main Console Functions

  Power down c/w Interrupt settings memory  & Console sleep mode

Linear compensation, compensate linear reading error

Metric & Imperial display Absolute & Incremental co-ordinates

Linear & segmented compensation program to match scales to console

Advanced calculator including trigonometric functions

200 position zero memory & 200 Tool zero offset positions

Lathe Specific

Radius & diameter display
Lathe cross slide feed 1", if display unit R and D mode is on, display will show you cuting dia. is 2"

Taper angle calculation

Milling Specific 

PCD [ bolt hole ], Rough Arc milling, Inner pocket milling, Center finding

  Radius finding, Oblique line of holes, Angular processing


This display has 100% lathe function, plus 100% milling function, that makes it 200% unique. It's a real mill and lathe combine function unit.
One unit does it all
Any time switch between mill and lathe

 Linear Glass Scales:

  • Resolution: 0.0002"
  • Accuracy: 5um
  • Super precision
  • Beautiful body finish
  • Max. response speed: 60 In / Sec.
  • Aluminum outside cover
  • sealed anti oil and coolant
  • Cable is long enough

Scale Thickness G: 1.2" / 29mm

Scale Height H: 2.6" / 67mm

Digital Counter Thickness I: 1.1" / 26mm

Each scale come with a fitted aluminum cover and mounting screws

You may need to make your own mounting bracket to install Y Axis Scales. It's super easy, see installation picture below. Many people don't like the original one and they make their own to fit on machine


X Z Scales Installation:


It's a slim scale installed on the lathe cross slide travel. As you can see from picture, scale total height A, which is scaly body B plus bottom sliding head block, is 1-1/2". Bottom block C is 3" long, and you'll sink it down.


Y Scale installed under table with brackets


2 Axis Lathe Package Available:

Scale Travel X and Z
Fits on Lathe


Available scale size for both mill and lathe

Scale Travel Length Scale Overall Length (>Travel Size)
1 6"
2 8" 12"
3 10" 17"
4 20" 25"
5 30" 36"
6 38-39" 46"

special inquiry

Let me know

Package include:

One 2 axis Lathe display unit with arm and stand

2 linear glass scales

Display operation manual and scale installation guide

Scale mounting bracket

Some other installation hardware, much more than what you see from picture




$15 Ground Shipping in 48 States

$39 ship to HI, AK and PR

Ship out from Chicago

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