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cat40 er32 chuck
cat40 er32 chuck

CAT40 ER32 Precision Collet Chuck For HAAS and MAZAK ACCURACY in TENTH

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CAT40 ER32 Precision Collet Chuck

Video above showing 0.0001" run out

Free MAZAK or HAAS Pull Stud

Pre Balanced Chuck Meets All Industrial Standard Hi-Speed

Coolant through and Anti Rust design

Free Spanner Wench at 2PC Minimum Purchase

Free Shipping in US


1PC CAT40 ER32 collet chuck Fits MAZAK and HAAS CAT40

Gage or projection length of ER32 is 2.75"


Fully ground flange and V-groove — easy on tool changers for less spindle and

changer maintenance

V-Flange CAT 40 is production balanced to high speed spindle turning and meet standard industrial needs

Hardened and ground to ensure maximum accuracy

Through spindle coolant capability from pull stud to collets

Anti Rust black oxide design for long, durable service life

Include a Mazak and HAAS style pull stud, and ready to be loaded

Free Spanner wrench at 2PC minimum purchase




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$25 ship to Canada via post office


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30 Days return policy

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